Some this and that for spring 2012

by Pat Hargett 7. March 2012 04:16

Have you ever seen beautiful dirt ready for a garden to just jump and produce. Well we've got it.. I have pictures to prove it. This garden spot is for our eating garden meaning we grow lots of different things in this garden right behind the house that we simply just go get what we want to eat and eat it.. The canning gardens are up on the hill where we plant in more volume so we can freeze and can our bounty. I love getting everything ready for spring planting.. Its not quite time yet to sow or plant but we're getting it ready. This garden spot has actually been a garden over a hundred years and every year we add leaves and manure. The past 3 years we covered it with landscaping cloth and put raised beds on top. We did this to cover and help kill off some very pesty weeds we just could not get rid of. I liked raised bed gardening however it takes a great deal more water than in the ground. I left my herb box since it was so established I didn't want to bother it.

Check out this pretty dirt.. Only a country girl could say that and mean it.




OK thats the latest on our garden spots for now.. Check out the nursery tab for whats new in the greenhouses for spring 2012.


Gardener's Journal

Spring is getting started at Three Creek Farms

by Pat Hargett 20. January 2012 19:34

We are getting everything ready for spring opening and for those that don't know it

We Are Open to  the Public

This year we have our now famous ferns with many new types to get you started.

We have our great Boston Ferns and this year I have the Macho Ferns to go with them. These are the huge ferns I put in front yard during the summer.


First week of February we will be getting all our incredible new plants for spring with lots of new stuff to get you started.

I'll post pictures of those soon as we get them started.


A NEW adventure for us this spring will be a public potting bench where you

Bring your own pots to plant

Buy some incredible pots here to plant

We have the dirt and the space all ready for you to leave us the mess and go home with a great new combo planter

Of course we will have all the plants you need for either a full sun planter or shade planter

A new love of mine is succulents since they are beautiful in planters and take almost no care at all and love hot sun

I have plenty of succulents, shade and sun plants for your choosing and I'll help you know what grows well together so you get the right start 

 I'll have some planters already put together for those that like the instant gratification for your beautiful gardens

This would be a great outing for a mother and daughter or son for Mothers day to get exactly what she wants and done together makes it so special


This is an example planter I put together with ferns as the biggest feature. These are Fox Tail ferns our thriller, maidenhair and white rabbit feet ferns as the fillers and just stuck in a few sprigs of wandering jew for our spiller. Once these all fill out this will be a beautiful planter for a shady spot on your patio.

Now this is a hanging basket I planted as 3 different ferns for alittle variety in your hanging baskets. This one has Fox Tail fern, Asparrugus Fern, and white rabbit foot fern. I love combo baskets for a change from just regular hanging ferns.



Now this is a succulent planter I put together to show how awesome they can look right at the start and just wait until you see how beautiful it looks with 2 months of growth. Sorry guys this one isn't for sale since a dear friend gave me the pot for Christmas. This one gets to go to the house for the summer but I have all the plants to make you one just like it.


 Bougainvilleas we have this year are different types. Variegated leaves and blooms are orange, and pink. Love em...


 A picture of shade house in March growing well and will be ready to go first week of April. I ordered 100 more ferns this year since I didn't even get one of my own boston ferns last year.


 A new color of double impatiens this year.. Orange and white.. Love them. Unfortunately I didn't get many of them this time..

Ever hear of a goldfish plant.. That is what these are and the blooms really look like a goldfish.. They are suppose to grow in deep shade and make great house plants as well.


Check out these mixed color Lobelia that can take part sun or sun. I love the mixture of colors and I haven't had these before.. Lobelia yes but this year I have lots of new colors rather than just white.

Now these are Torenia trailing plants that make great hanging baskets, planters etc and handle sun and shade and continue to bloom. Hummingbirds actually come in the greenhouses every year to check these out and they go to each plant before they leave the greenhouse. Love them. I have some in other colors too but they haven't bloomed yet..


Now this is a planter I made up today March 6th out of old different size terra cotta pots. This one will be red, white and blue when you see it bloom. This is first day planted wait to you see how it grows.  Stacking the pots on top of each other turned out very well. Middle pot has red calibrachoa and dusty miller (fillers), bottom pot has blue wave petunias (spillers) and to top it all is a dracena Indivisa to be the thriller.


This picture was to show you mostly how the pots look stacked on each other. Now just watch what happens once it starts to bloom in next couple of weeks.  

This was a quick picture of the sun house to show you the beautiful bougainvilleas and how we have hundreds of pots of plants but I've pinched and pruned all of them so you don't see blooms yet but just wait in another 2 weeks of this sunshine this entire house will be nothing but blooms. This is to wet your appetite for spring.


OK that is enough for now.. I'll post again once they all show their blooms and getting ready for you to take home.


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Some old and new about our old home history and pictures.

by Pat Hargett 13. December 2011 00:33

We are so fortunate to have met so many of the descendents of this old house that have shared history, stories of days gone by and pictures. I thought it would be a good time to give you alittle more information about this old home place.

The oldest picture we have of the house is 1896 with the big Ashcraft family all standing in front and a set of twins in the rocking chairs. You may know the twins as the Griffin twins. One grew up and inherited the house and raised her family and lots of grandchildren until her death. Turns out that was my best friend growing up grandmother. Small world in a small town.

When we bought the house we had no idea of the age or the special history attached. We simply wanted to be in the country in an old white house with a front porch and a pond. As we started working on the house one year at a time to bring it back to life so many of the family raised here through the years came to see the house and meet us and tell us what they knew.

We learned there are Sherman army bullets actually in the house. We had always heard there were bullets in the house but as we scraped all the paint off the outside of the house we came to the conclusion it was a myth. Then we got a visit from a great great granddaughter that showed us the bullets were actually inside sprayed all over the hallway. Here is the story as we understood.  The women were still at home and the men still at war when Shermans army came through this area. We knew his army has burned down all the beautiful homes at White Store just 5 miles down the road and wondered why this one was spared. Well turns out they had food buried out back and food stored under the stairway steps in the hallway. They nursed the soldiers wounds and the soldiers then demanded their food. Well the women gave them half the food under the stairway and told them their men were still gone to please leave them with a supply. Well the soldiers began shooting up the hallway to show their disagreement and took the rest of the food stored in the stairwell and spared the house from being burned. Good for these strong women the soldiers never knew about the food stored in a bunker outside so they still had food to eat until the men could return. You can barely see the indentions in the walls in the hallway with 40 coats of paint through the years but they definitely are there.

The backrooms attached to the house use to be the kitchen in the early years and set out 50 feet from the house. You never attached the kitchen to the house back in those days because of fire. In the early 1900s it was moved and attached to the main house but continued to be the kitchen and dining until 1970s when kitchen was moved to a front bedroom. We use the back rooms now as a guest bedroom (still has a chimney suspended over it that use to be for the wood stove), office for the business with comfy couch for relaxing, full bath, walk in closet so it really is a complete little apartment if we ever need it to be. Its a step down from the main house with original steps worn through the years but all now enclosed to make one big house.

The bedroom that now houses the kitchen use to be called the preachers bedroom since only mode of transportation then was horse and buggy so they stayed awhile. It has a fireplace in it and when we were remodeling the kitchen and taking it back to its original roots we removed plywood on the floors and fortunately discovered beautiful old heart pine floors just needing alittle tender loving care to bring them out. Boards on all the walls were in fantastic shape just took off paneling and they had 50 different coats of paint. We scrapped and sanded paint for days and as we were scrapping on one wall Mitch discovered writing on the original whitewash. We stopped the scrapping afraid of taking off the writing before we could discover what it was telling us. Ever heard of "if these walls could talk". Well with a magifying glass we could read the date 12-18-1871 and it appeared to be a goodbye letter to the house written on the wall by a Ms L J or L G Ashcraft. Very hard to read since we left paint on it afraid to mess it up. I've seen this same name written on a wall upstairs as well. Someday I'll find out the right way to clearly read the entire thing. We even tried black lights. Its written in pencil. We painted the rest of the kitchen leaving this part uncovered and I plan to frame it like a picture once we find out what it says.

This is a picture of the Ashcraft family in the early 1890s. This picture shows them on the front porch of the house. We received this picture from a new dear friend and part of this awesome family of descendents from Missouri. Thanks for sharing with us Barbara. We also have a picture of the house where they are standing in the front yard of the house in 1896 but it is printed and I haven't had it scanned yet to include it on the website. You can see the windows around the front door just as they are today. Looks like cotton stacked on the front porch as they were farmers but I'm not sure what all is on the front porch in this picture.


Barbara also shared a picture of the Griffin twins that were born Ashcrafts in 1895 and both married Griffins. I beleive they were brothers. One lived and raised her family in our house and the other lived in a house right down the road near Lanes Creek. I'm not sure of the date on this picture or actual location since it doesn't appear to be in front of any of the fireplace mantels in our house.

Not sure why but I can't get this picture to be smaller so it would appear clearer but you'll recognize they are twins and have history and their kids and grandkids have more stories than most of the history of this old house.


 I will share more later as I get a chance to scan some old pictures we have gathered. Stay tuned.






Our Home

Remember us remodeling the back rooms for Kristina to move back home?

by Pat Hargett 12. December 2011 21:58

Well its been over a year now and I'm just now getting to share some of the pictures with you of the befores and afters. We had just two weeks before she needed to move so we decided to not pull up all the plywood on the floors but we did pull up all the old carpet and put down linoleum flooring that worked out great.

OK here are some before pictures of her mustard yellow room. Ha Ha when she was 10 she picked out this color but once we painted it oh my it looked just like mustard. Well we tried spougeing it with white to lessen the effect so I was thrilled to repaint this room. I also didn't think about taking the before pictures until we had started pulling everything out to get to painting.

 Before pictures then after at bottom.




 Unfortunately we no longer had anywhere to have exercise equipment so its put away for now. Actually we really need it since its winter time.




We painted the room a soft green with white trim so much better than the mustard yellow.  


 We have this bedroom now as a guest room with Kristina back in school. Looks like I need to put away some more of the old furniture but everything has such meaning and came from family.

These are the laminated floors I mentioned we decided to install rather than go back to the old heart pine but we know what is underneath so maybe one day. Advertisers say these are so easy just push and click. Yea right in an old house with nothing level it took forever to get them right. Mitch can do anything and when he does its right or not at all.


 This little den area is now my office space since Kristina is back at school getting her masters so now I have a space to call my own.








Of course we will keep it open in case Kristina comes back one day but now its a much better space and much easier on the eyes.

OK thats enough of pictures for you today. Next time I will show you this years project of the master bedroom and bath.



Family Blog

Christmas time at Three Creek Farms

by Pat Hargett 12. December 2011 19:39

OK lets get started with last years snow at Christmas and then again in January which made things look so magical at this old house. We also got our bedroom and bath done this summer that I will share the befores and after.

So heres a few pictures from 2010 Christmas and snow. Here snow comes so seldom and only stays around for a day or so. I have to get pictures quick or its all gone and then we just have mud.




OK lets move on to 2011 Christmas with some pictures of night lights. No snow yet this year but I would love to have a white Christmas.



Now inside tree a night picture and one made during day. Honestly it makes a difference to me. Love it at night with no other lights in the house on but Christmas lights.


Shoot would have helped if I had turned the lights on first. Duh.. Maybe a later date.  

OK now a close up outside of house at night.



This is the den mantle not fancy but love it all lit up.

I really like the daytime version see below




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Summer time and grandchildren in gardens

by Pat Hargett 18. July 2011 03:13

Well we just finished up a wonderful week with my grandchildren spending the week with us. By day we were in the garden picking all the wonderful bounty and by night at bible school. I have picture proof grandchildren can really do some manual labor, sweat and at the end of the day ask what are we doing tomorrow nana.

First we have Gracie picking the squash.


JT and Gracie picking cucumbers and squash


This was actually early in the morning too before the sun got too hot. They did as we ask without too much complaining. Now they know all the different vegetables in the garden by sight. Good job kids.

Gracie now picking string beans.


Now we have JT and Gracie picking string beans.


Proof I'm not lying this was their second pan of beans.


Now what happens after about an hours worth of But the beans were picked.


I also have proof that with 5 people in a garden at one time wow work gets done so I took a picture to prove we had great help this week getting up all the veggies. Only one missing from this picture is me.



Now in the afternoons when its too hot to be out in the garden we sit in the shade and string beans and shell peas. I can't tell you what a difference it makes to have help to get all the gardening work done from the picking to the preparing and then the canning. This has been a wonderful week.




For all my dear friends at Duke you can see I have made good use of the swing you gave me for retirement. I love it especially when I get a chance to sit in it.



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Summer Vegetables are ready for picking and for sale

by Pat Hargett 17. July 2011 17:13

Oh my goodness we have been so blessed with having garden space we could irrigate for some great summer vegetables. We were so late starting our gardens and produce since the greenhouses had us so totally occupied. Well now we are getting your local vegetables in abundance when alot of other gardens are finishing for the spring. Turned out to be great timing.

Ready now for you to pick or we can pick all are for sale. These are vegetables only grown here so you know where they are growing with good dirt and no pesticides. We can provide only what is in season at the time but guaranteed to be great tasting.


Corn  Silver King  sweet and delicious. Come soon as it doesn't stay ready long.

Purple Hull peas

Green Beans old timey type and no strings but awesome taste

Cucumbers  Super sweet never bitter. These are a new type for us and they are fantastic and we have not had one bitter one even with all this heat.

Yellow squash

Butternut squash ready soon

Peppers of all types. Hot (all kinds), Bell (Green, Red, Purple, Yellow), Banana, and we even have some called Thia Hots that I don't touch since they are extremely hot but we've already had people getting them for certain dishes.

Butter beans (I sure hope you want to pick these yourselves as I don't like picking butter beans lolWink). But if necessary I can do it. You can pick a bushel and when they are shelled end up with a hand full. They are delicious though.

I know everybody is waiting on the tomatoes to get ripe well so am I.  The vines are loaded but they are still green just one or two turning red at a time. Soon I'll be begging all of you to please come get your tomatoes.

Stay tuned and I will update when tomatoes are ready for just eating or canning.


Your Nursery

OK Its been awhile and now you need to see some of what I've been up to

by Pat Hargett 8. June 2011 22:13

Well with two greenhouses and a few left over plants I've been busy getting my yard planted for summer. I'm still loving retirement especially since it doesn't seem to rain these days and I have some time to water to keep all of it alive. 


Thought I would give you a few pictures of my yard this year. I was about a month behind in getting it planted but I finally got there. 


Remember the areas on the hill that were covered with landscaping plants last year well since our ponds simply could not handle watering them everyday without rain we have now uncovered the ground and turned them into areas to grow produce. We have corn, tomatoes, peppers of all kinds, squash, cucumbers, and ornamental corn for summer and fall.  We have green beans, purple hull peas and butterbeans as well. This is our first year of trying to provide produce to sale and may be our last once I figure out that is even harder than having two huge greenhouses full of plants. But here we go.



Now we'll get started on some of the house with planters and ferns.


This year I have a whole collection of rare begonias that I'm taking care of for a friend. They love the humidity of the pond and life under the trees. So all the sides of the pond are covered for now.


Ever see a varagated elephant ear. This one is awesome and unique.


Now check out this Japanese painted fern I planted in a pot instead of ground and its growing like crazy.


Just simple pictures of potted ferns and other plants.


Here is my flame bougainvillea that I had to save 6 baskets to see if I can root them in order to even have any for sale next year. I was only able to have 10 baskets for sale this year and my grower has discontinued them. The 10 baskets sold first week of opening.I moved the last six to my yard rather than people seeing them and wanting them when I need them to see if I can root them for next year. Wish me luck. They are beautiful and so unique.


Here is the sidewalk to the front porch. I love Duranta plants since they show up so well. They are the lime colored plants and can take sun or shade. In the cement planters I planted hosta, begonias and some Lobelia. Where they are located is part sun and they are doing very well.


I planted a few tray planters to put on the edge of my porch. Originally I had planned to get window boxes for these huge windows but once spring started we did not have time to get them done so maybe next year.




Now here is my variegated fern that I had a small rooting last year and this year I was able to split it so I now have two. Here is a picture of it from a distance then one shot close up to show you the varigation in the leaves. Its awesome. 




OK that's enough for today. Hope your having a great spring and summer. We had a fantastic spring thanks to so many of you coming our way and checking out what we grow and then telling your friends.  Hope to see you soon for produce then again in the fall with pansies (double blooms) and viola's (unique colors) along with mums. Would you believe my viola's planted last November are still blooming and look great. I've now decided Viola's are my favorite fall plant. Watch the blog and facebook for when produce is ready and we're ready for sales on pansies and fall plants.


Your Nursery

Mitch's latest in creating plant containers

by Pat Hargett 15. May 2011 05:35

Well he never ceases to amaze me with his imagination and creative ability. Yesterday he found an old cedar stump in the woods with a hollow center and brought it to the house and planted it with portulaca. It will be great since it loves the sun and doesn't need much water. Today as people stopped by it was the first thing they noticed. All of us would talk about just looking around where you live and think as you look what could I plant and I bet we would be amazed at the creations we could all come up with.

Check out his newest and best so far to me plant containers. Its caused a real buzz around here today and now people are going home and roaming the woods for them a good stump to plant. lol.


Now check out these planters as a good friend of ours brought us some martin gourds he had grown and let dry. We wanted the seed for us to plant some this year and Jeromy my son wanted the gourds to use as a planter. Check out the succulents he planted in the gourds which don't like much water so should help the container last longer. Jeromy is also so creative and plants most anything he can see potential in.


This one will even hang with its stem. See anything can be special planted as a planter.


Now I've been creative myself recently and finally have my back patio and front porch cleaned off and filled up with plants. So I'll add some pictures later from my own special talents later when I get some good pictures now that they are planted and quickly recovering from winter greenhouse stress.

This year I've had more people than ever bring me unique containers for me to plant for them so I'm becoming a real florist now. You need to come on down while we have some plants still here. They are quickly disappearing since spring has been so good to us this year with the recent rains making the flowers more beautiful than ever.

One big difference in our nursery and other nurseries is we never use any plant growth regulator so we have to deal with them getting big naturally and when you take them home they simply continue to grow. That is our niche. Did you know there are chemicals that you can put on plants to make them stay exactly one size so they don't over grow the pots they are in for easy handling. However that also means when you take them home they also stay the same size. We are known for our huge coleus and plants that grow all summer and remain just as nature intended. You need to come see for yourselves.

Here are a few samples of our coleus and they are only contained in size by a 4 inch pots and my pinching. Once you let them out of these pots and put in a bigger pot they jump and get even more awesome.





OK thats it for now but I'll be returning with some of my own soon as I get some pictures to share. Yall come see us now ya hear.... ha ha ha.


Your Nursery

Latest new ideas for planters

by Pat Hargett 8. May 2011 06:44


Well today was a great Saturday before Mothers Day and I want to thank all of you for all your word of mouth letting people know we exist and we have seen so many new faces we had the pleasure of meeting.

Now today we had a dear friend give us some Martin gourds he had grown and dried to use as some ideas for planters. Awesome idea and they turned out fantastic.

Here is a peek at Martin Gourd planters with succulents since they prefer dry conditions and we weren't sure of how much water a gourd could take in order to make it last.

Check this out.



Of course we kept the seeds for planting so we can try our hand at gourds. Hope to see you soon. We still have plenty of beautiful flowers for you to add to your beautiful garden or planters.

Oh yea remember the old boots planted with Purslane or Portulaca well Mitch wouldn't allow me to cut out the toes to put in a hen and bitty and was going to sell them however today decided he might better keep them in case he had to empty out the plant and wear them again. Unbelievable.. ha ha



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