Pictures of different planters we created Spring 2012

by Pat Hargett 13. July 2012 06:43


Here are some pictures I've created all season of which some of the planters created this year were examples most were for sale. I planted dozens and dozens of planters that all sold and we had a fantastic year. I did get a few to take to the house I'll also share with you.






















 Planted for one week this was a 36 inch window box.

 Planted for one month

 Picture after being planted 7 weeks. This is the day it went home with someone so I don't have any more update pictures. Turned out beautiful.

That's enough planters for this post. Next year we will again offer Kinsaman side planters with lots of new plants that will work great in them. Thanks again for a wonderful year.


Gardener's Journal

Some this and that for spring 2012

by Pat Hargett 7. March 2012 04:16

Have you ever seen beautiful dirt ready for a garden to just jump and produce. Well we've got it.. I have pictures to prove it. This garden spot is for our eating garden meaning we grow lots of different things in this garden right behind the house that we simply just go get what we want to eat and eat it.. The canning gardens are up on the hill where we plant in more volume so we can freeze and can our bounty. I love getting everything ready for spring planting.. Its not quite time yet to sow or plant but we're getting it ready. This garden spot has actually been a garden over a hundred years and every year we add leaves and manure. The past 3 years we covered it with landscaping cloth and put raised beds on top. We did this to cover and help kill off some very pesty weeds we just could not get rid of. I liked raised bed gardening however it takes a great deal more water than in the ground. I left my herb box since it was so established I didn't want to bother it.

Check out this pretty dirt.. Only a country girl could say that and mean it.




OK thats the latest on our garden spots for now.. Check out the nursery tab for whats new in the greenhouses for spring 2012.


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We have some catching up to do.

by Pat Hargett 23. April 2011 00:55

It's great when you can say you've been so busy getting on a computer is the last thing you have any time to do. The nursery is doing great with so many new faces this year. They send their friends and we are off and running. We have made so many great new friends for life this year. 

I'm now so techy I can update facebook from my blackberry and twitter from my blackberry. Now all I have to do is remember to take pictures and show them to all of you.

Let's start with some pictures of awesome plants now blooming in our yard. Of course you'll notice all the weeds around since I haven't really set up my yard yet but I'm getting started at night when business slows down alittle.

 Old timey Iris just doesn't get any prettier than this. These were at the house when we bought it but long forgotten so I moved them and divided them and now they are fantastic.

  Close up view of Iris. I love spring the only time they bloom.

I've never really had many roses thinking they might take alot of time but Mitch gave me this one for my birthday last year and I haven't done one thing but plant it. Its beautiful.


Now this is a plant that causes lots of arguments on how to pronounce it. Us Southerners call them Climatris (Clim-a tris) where in the North they call them Climatis (Clim-mat-is). I have gotten to where I forget now and call it by both names. Wonderful plant. One thing to remember with this plant in the winter when it looks totally dead do NOT cut off the dead stems and the next year all the new growth comes from those stems quickly covering an arbor. I had a old rose that wouldn't seem to grow or bloom so I planted the Climatris and well now you can see they are in love with each other. Oh so sweet.

Unfortunately we don't have these for sell at the nursery but I would love to get some started. You can ignore all the weeds as I'm just getting started with getting my flower beds ready for spring.  



 I don't need to say a word for this one. God is so great.

Now these are the Yellow Iris that came from a dear friend from his aunts old home place so also old type of Iris.


I am finally getting some of my one of a kind ferns out of the personal greenhouse and they love getting some fresh air. I have no idea what this one is called all I know is its beautiful and loves the coco baskets but it has completely filled it and I have no idea now how to move it up in size since more frongs are coming from the bottom than the top. Open to suggestions from you fern growers. I have so many more just haven't had a chance to pull them out yet but soon and I'll be sure to share pictures with you.  

OK I think thats enough today but I promise to share more in the near future. My old laptop wouldn't let me load pictures anymore so I got me a new laptop and this proves it works great so I will be better at staying in touch. Hope you have a wonderful Easter and come see us when you get a chance.


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We are all excited about spring coming

by Pat Hargett 26. March 2011 21:42

OK I know its that time of year when we just got over a hard winter and we want a pretty flower garden and ferns hanging on our porches but you need to be careful with these tender plants. One good cold snap and you'll be starting over with all that hard work and cost for more plants.

This is the time to get your flower beds ready pulling the weeds, tilling them up and ready to put your beautiful new plants to grow all summer. A beautiful garden means you have patience to let nature take it course. The weather lately even had me believing just maybe no more frost but I'm not taking that chance.

You need to have everything ready to go in the ground middle of April past a threat of frost and you can watch it love getting out in fresh new air and more dirt to grow. If you get an itch for spring and just can't wait then pick up a beautiful planter or a few plants you like to put in a bigger pot and get your hands dirty. Then you can pick them up and bring them in if nature decides its not totally done with winter yet.

Its also a good time to come looking at all the awesome plants ready for this year to make a plan on what you want to plant. We have a great selection this year of sun and shade plants as well as beautiful planters and hanging baskets for you to get started on spring. Then when its time your ready to go.

Come check out all the new stuff this year and have the prettiest flower garden you've ever had before. Now is a good time for us to take time with you to make good decisions on which plants would work for you vs when spring really does get here we have so much traffic our time would be limited.

Hope to see you soon.



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