Christmas time 2012

by Pat Hargett 15. December 2012 05:35



Thought I would share some pictures of our house dressed for Christmas 2012









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Picture of Ashcraft family in 1896 in front of our old house

by Pat Hargett 2. June 2012 04:14

Thanks to Barbara Goforth for sending me a digital picture of our old house in 1896 with the Ashcraft family standing in the front yard.


 Seems I have a problem getting the picture down to size.. I'll work on that but for now maybe you can see more about the house in the 1800s.



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Some old and new about our old home history and pictures.

by Pat Hargett 13. December 2011 00:33

We are so fortunate to have met so many of the descendents of this old house that have shared history, stories of days gone by and pictures. I thought it would be a good time to give you alittle more information about this old home place.

The oldest picture we have of the house is 1896 with the big Ashcraft family all standing in front and a set of twins in the rocking chairs. You may know the twins as the Griffin twins. One grew up and inherited the house and raised her family and lots of grandchildren until her death. Turns out that was my best friend growing up grandmother. Small world in a small town.

When we bought the house we had no idea of the age or the special history attached. We simply wanted to be in the country in an old white house with a front porch and a pond. As we started working on the house one year at a time to bring it back to life so many of the family raised here through the years came to see the house and meet us and tell us what they knew.

We learned there are Sherman army bullets actually in the house. We had always heard there were bullets in the house but as we scraped all the paint off the outside of the house we came to the conclusion it was a myth. Then we got a visit from a great great granddaughter that showed us the bullets were actually inside sprayed all over the hallway. Here is the story as we understood.  The women were still at home and the men still at war when Shermans army came through this area. We knew his army has burned down all the beautiful homes at White Store just 5 miles down the road and wondered why this one was spared. Well turns out they had food buried out back and food stored under the stairway steps in the hallway. They nursed the soldiers wounds and the soldiers then demanded their food. Well the women gave them half the food under the stairway and told them their men were still gone to please leave them with a supply. Well the soldiers began shooting up the hallway to show their disagreement and took the rest of the food stored in the stairwell and spared the house from being burned. Good for these strong women the soldiers never knew about the food stored in a bunker outside so they still had food to eat until the men could return. You can barely see the indentions in the walls in the hallway with 40 coats of paint through the years but they definitely are there.

The backrooms attached to the house use to be the kitchen in the early years and set out 50 feet from the house. You never attached the kitchen to the house back in those days because of fire. In the early 1900s it was moved and attached to the main house but continued to be the kitchen and dining until 1970s when kitchen was moved to a front bedroom. We use the back rooms now as a guest bedroom (still has a chimney suspended over it that use to be for the wood stove), office for the business with comfy couch for relaxing, full bath, walk in closet so it really is a complete little apartment if we ever need it to be. Its a step down from the main house with original steps worn through the years but all now enclosed to make one big house.

The bedroom that now houses the kitchen use to be called the preachers bedroom since only mode of transportation then was horse and buggy so they stayed awhile. It has a fireplace in it and when we were remodeling the kitchen and taking it back to its original roots we removed plywood on the floors and fortunately discovered beautiful old heart pine floors just needing alittle tender loving care to bring them out. Boards on all the walls were in fantastic shape just took off paneling and they had 50 different coats of paint. We scrapped and sanded paint for days and as we were scrapping on one wall Mitch discovered writing on the original whitewash. We stopped the scrapping afraid of taking off the writing before we could discover what it was telling us. Ever heard of "if these walls could talk". Well with a magifying glass we could read the date 12-18-1871 and it appeared to be a goodbye letter to the house written on the wall by a Ms L J or L G Ashcraft. Very hard to read since we left paint on it afraid to mess it up. I've seen this same name written on a wall upstairs as well. Someday I'll find out the right way to clearly read the entire thing. We even tried black lights. Its written in pencil. We painted the rest of the kitchen leaving this part uncovered and I plan to frame it like a picture once we find out what it says.

This is a picture of the Ashcraft family in the early 1890s. This picture shows them on the front porch of the house. We received this picture from a new dear friend and part of this awesome family of descendents from Missouri. Thanks for sharing with us Barbara. We also have a picture of the house where they are standing in the front yard of the house in 1896 but it is printed and I haven't had it scanned yet to include it on the website. You can see the windows around the front door just as they are today. Looks like cotton stacked on the front porch as they were farmers but I'm not sure what all is on the front porch in this picture.


Barbara also shared a picture of the Griffin twins that were born Ashcrafts in 1895 and both married Griffins. I beleive they were brothers. One lived and raised her family in our house and the other lived in a house right down the road near Lanes Creek. I'm not sure of the date on this picture or actual location since it doesn't appear to be in front of any of the fireplace mantels in our house.

Not sure why but I can't get this picture to be smaller so it would appear clearer but you'll recognize they are twins and have history and their kids and grandkids have more stories than most of the history of this old house.


 I will share more later as I get a chance to scan some old pictures we have gathered. Stay tuned.






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Christmas time at Three Creek Farms

by Pat Hargett 12. December 2011 19:39

OK lets get started with last years snow at Christmas and then again in January which made things look so magical at this old house. We also got our bedroom and bath done this summer that I will share the befores and after.

So heres a few pictures from 2010 Christmas and snow. Here snow comes so seldom and only stays around for a day or so. I have to get pictures quick or its all gone and then we just have mud.




OK lets move on to 2011 Christmas with some pictures of night lights. No snow yet this year but I would love to have a white Christmas.



Now inside tree a night picture and one made during day. Honestly it makes a difference to me. Love it at night with no other lights in the house on but Christmas lights.


Shoot would have helped if I had turned the lights on first. Duh.. Maybe a later date.  

OK now a close up outside of house at night.



This is the den mantle not fancy but love it all lit up.

I really like the daytime version see below




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Let me tell you some things about our old house and its history

by Pat Hargett 28. March 2011 05:27


Our business is really all about plants and growing quality, beautiful and unique things different than anywhere else around and that is what we are about however, we are so fortunate to live in a unique and incredible house with history. These are some things we have learned since moving into our beautiful house (it was a fixer upper then) from some that were raised here or know all the people that have been part of the history of this whole property.

It all started with a land grant to Thomas Ashcraft following the revolutionary war of 1000 acres as his settlement in the war. This house was built between 1792 and 1825 as the plantation house. Thomas died in 1825 so the families that grew up in this house all say it was built shortly after 1792. When you drill into any of the wood the sap continues to flow and it smells like fresh pine. This amazed me with the age of the house. Heart pine was used because the soft wood between the rings of the tree growing were so tight and compact termites were not able to do major damage. This saved the old houses of yesteryear from falling down around you. 

The main supports under the house are huge logs handhumed where you see the ax marks and everything is put together with wood pegs. The main support under the house has wooden pegs 6 inches around whereas between downstairs and upstairs in the joists the wooden pegs are around 2 inches around. Each flat board for flooring all have square head nails holding them in place as well as they are all tongue and groove. As we have remodeled one room at a time (several still to go) we removed plywood from the floors, paneling from walls and tiles from the ceiling amazing all the wood boards were in fantastic condition. They needed work to finish them such as sanding layers and layers of paint or rough cut lumber but where we have completed them it is awesome to see the beauty of the wood used by the builders.

All of the windows downstairs all have the original glass with huge windows 45" by 90" with individual panes of blurry glass (created when the house was built) 16 panes over 16 panes. The glass is beautiful and rare that most of it is still in perfect condition. Around the front door is original glass surrounding the front door and it makes a beautiful front entrance to this old house. In the house are archways or etched glass mirrors in areas that we keep discovering.

Thats all for this post with a promise to add so much more about the history of this old house and I will add pictures in next few days. 



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Snow in the country for Christmas Awesome

by Pat Hargett 27. December 2010 21:14

Well by special request by my kids I will blog my pictures of the house in the snow especially the ones last night with snow and lights on. We ended up with about 3 inches and it was soft and covered the trees. I found myself taking pictures up at trees more than anything else. Here are a few pictures of snow in the country.

Well the flag looked so great in all the white we'll start out with it.


 Picture in daylight before we turned on the lights. Awesome snow and made great snowballs too. lol. Just a few and Mitch had no mercy even though I was holding the camera.


 You can see the difference in the North side of the house with amount of snow vs the East side and under the trees too was going away quickly.

 Leyland Cypress trees in front of the greenhouse were loaded and beautiful. Couldn't resist a picture.

 Now we finally got to dark so I could turn on the lights to see the effects. Oh my I was amazed. Now with the bad weather there wasn't any traffic like normal to see them but I sure did and left all of them on until 11pm.









OK I've bored you enough with pictures of the house but oh my I definitely loved it with the lights on. But really I also know pictures can't do justice for seeing it in person.

These are just some here and there pictures we took walking around.






 OK we have a new person to help with pictures for the blog. Once we had her all ready to brave the great cold outdoors lol. Oh dear hopefully she won't check out the blog and see that I posted this picture of her. She took some awesome pictures that I wanted to show you my new blog helper. Her picture of the flag was incredible. I'll post more and more of her pictures in future as she really has an eye for awesome.



OK folks that's it for now as I have so much work to do in the greenhouses and just had to take a minute to share some pictures. OK Matt got them out there for you. Love you.

Please be safe in all this bad weather and hope your holidays were best ever.





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