Sorry its been so long since I've been able to update my website. I can add pictures but no words.

by Pat Hargett 3. June 2013 07:32

Hanging basket full.



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Opening day tomorrow so thought I would share a few pictures of what we have

by Pat Hargett 29. March 2013 03:00

I thought pictures are much better than 1000 words so I'll just post pictures I took today to get you started for Spring 2013.

 Updated picture of our first side planter this year planted just two weeks ago.. See previous entry for first picture.

 Several planters just potted March 27th ready to grow now.


 The top choice of Coleus this year. Red Ruffles.

 New Begonia's this year called Solenia Begonias.. Love love them and they get huge.

 New one for us this year short name is Marine.. Bloom smells just like Vanilla.. Awesome plant and loves full sun..

 Fishnet coleus..

 Upright Torenia (Wishbone).. These love dry feet and sun or shade.

 One of our million bell Tutti Fruiti baskets just getting started growing.. Spring has delayed us some this year..

 Greenhouses are really full and soon we will be able to bring plants out when the night warm up alittle. Soon spring will be here.

 Annual Red Salvia works great as the thriller in a planter.. They get 18 to 24 inches tall. Bloom to frost.

 Silver Falls perennial and really popular last year for ground cover and spillers in planters.

Thats it for today's post but I promise to keep posting new pictures as spring awakens at Three Creek Farms.


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Getting spring 2013 started with some pictures of this years plants.

by Pat Hargett 17. March 2013 04:21


First side planter I've done this year.. Just planted March 13th so it doesn't know its ready to grow yet.. I'll update pictures once a week so you can watch the growth.



 My favorite plant Torenia (Wishbone plant) that make great hanging baskets, planters or in a flower garden. Best part hummingbirds love them.

This one is Pink Moon

 This one is Purple Moon

 Blue Moon

 These are Torenia that stay upright.. They do great but prefer to dry out between watering..

 Yellow Moon small but soon huge.

 Orange Energy double Impatiens

 Bicolor Orange and White Impatiens

 White Double Bloom Impatiens

 New Coleus for us this year called Pink Ruffles.

 A new begonia to me this year is a Solenia. They grow huge and bloom profusely until frost.


 Another new ground cover and great spiller for planters.. This one is Emerald Falls.

 A new spilling coleus for this year called Plum Trailing coleus.. Loves the sun.  

 New also this year Wedding Trailing coleus.

 Heliscope Marine plant.. Love the purple bloom.

 Gay's delight coleus


 New Verbena Purple Bicolor

 Perfect Pink Verbena Perrenial for our zone

 Lots of succulents this year






 Bacopa is blue this year rather than the normal white

 Black Eyed Susan Vines that grow fast up to 7 to 8 feet.. Beautiful.


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May 1st 2012 update to blog.

by Pat Hargett 3. May 2012 08:04

I'm so sorry its been so long since I updated any pictures or gotten to my blog. I promise I've been more than busy 7 days a week keeping things beautiful for you to come see and hopefully find something you really love to take home.. I just wanted to post a few updated pictures of things as they are now to give you an idea of all we have to offer. As i looked at the pictures from my last update wow i can't believe how much everything has grown and so many things now sold out and I've started a second batch for the first time ever since we've been in business.

OK lets get started on some pictures to update you.

This is the first side planted window box I potted 7 weeks ago and when I saw the picture I posted before I can't believe the difference.. Its getting awesome.

This is a 24 inch side planter that I did just 7 days ago so just now beginning to know it has room to grow.

This is a 16 inch round side planter that I also planted just 7 days ago and the colors are incredible already. These can be hung up with heavy chains or they have a post set up that some folks are getting that always are fussing about their dogs digging in their flower gardens. Problem solved with it out of reach and awesome flowers.


 This is an old sink I planted a couple of weeks ago and its really beginning to show off nicely. Anything can potentially be a planter..

 My kids old red wagon I found in the barn with holes in the bottom from rust so perfect to plant. Planted this last weekend so its just now finding out it can grow.

Sun house is all blooms and my favorite house.. Its come a long way since my last post where we had just gotten the spring plants started for them to grow.. Amazing what a difference 7 weeks makes.


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New update for spring 2012 of plants showing their colors

by Pat Hargett 30. March 2012 08:56

This year we have some Kimberly Queen ferns for sale. I've had my personal ones for several years and this year I have some small ones to offer to you.


 Sweet potato vines. We have the normal one bright green but we also have these versions of Blackie, and Multi colored.

We offer lots of different coleus that can take both sun and shade. Some stay small while others grow 2 feet tall. Doesn't take many of these to fill a small space and are so easy and so beautiful.  

 Pink verbena baskets are blooming and filling out nicely..

 Gerber daisys in all colors.

Had to show you a close picture of one of our white rabbit foot ferns. These will fill out over the edge of the basket and frongs come out on the feet. The feet really do look like white rabbit foot. These also make great porch or inside ferns.

I showed this planter right after I potted it this is an updated photo to show how its grown. This one has foxtail fern in center, white rabbit foot and maidenhair ferns on sides. Little bit of wondering jew to spill out of pot and adds little color.

 Southern Maidenhair ferns.

Lantana beginning to really fill out now. This one is called lil Miss taken from the mother plant of Miss Huff.



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Shade house photos to wet your appetite for 2012 spring

by Pat Hargett 19. March 2012 06:12

Felt since yesterday I loaded up this tab with sun house photos I better show you a few pictures of the plants we have in the shade house.

Do you remember me mentioning that I would be carrying the Kinsman Garden side planters and hanging baskets? Well this is my first example planted of the 36 inch window box. I love these new baskets and can't wait to plant one of the hanging basket ones to show you as well. These are a bit pricey but are the best made containers I've ever seen so just like anything else you get what you pay for.. All you would ever need would be to replace the liner but they are so thick I bet they will last several years as well.


Kong Coleus always sells out first 

 New coleus called chocolate mint. It is also the family of the Kong coleus just not quite as big as above.

 Gold Lace coleus

Another new coleus this year called Chaotic Rose..  

 This is Creeping Jenny. Man I found this hard to come by from wholesalers.. But I love it so I could only get 32 for this year.

Coleus Gays Delight. One of my best sellers.  

 Another new one this year.. This one replaced the chocolate I use to get and its chocolate but has colors mingled in it.. Its called mariposa.. It gets huge so this one would work best for your taller needs.

 Coleus called Alabama..

 coleus called Kingwood karnival.

Angel Wing Begonias. I use these in planters, hanging baskets or in the ground.. They like dry feet so do well here in the South.  

 Another new angel wing called Lana. I have one of these at the house that stands 3 feet tall and has a beautiful bright pink bloom. So this year I decided to order enough to get my friends started with one. They come into the house great during winter.

Ok that's good for tonight.. More coming later I promise. So much to offer I can't get pictures of all of it.. Come see us this spring to see it all.


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New update for spring 2012 of plants showing their colors

by Pat Hargett 18. March 2012 09:16

Felt it was time I needed to share some pictures with you on what we have going on in the greenhouses. Best way I know to share with you is with pictures so I'll just start posting some pictures with a few clues for you to see what we have growing.. Many more than I can post so you'll just have to come see for yourself.

 This is a plant called Silver Falls and love it for hanging baskets, ground cover or spillers in planters. These are actually perrentials here in our area.

These below are Gazania New Day and will soon be covered with blooms until Frost. Mine from last year never even turned brown they stayed green and continued to try to bloom. These are considered perrentials in the south.

These are calibrachia that bloom just like a small petunia but get so full and bloom all summer. They are cold hardy to a point. I sell these as annuals but mine this past winter that were in planters I left in yard lived when everything else in the planters died. So we'll see.  I have so many different colors in these.. See I do love them. Hanging baskets, planters or in the ground.

 These 4 inch pots have 3 colors in the same pot. We used them to make hanging baskets then I kept a few for those that love them for planters. These were called Tutti Fruitti.


 A couple of planters I played with today. Zinnias, calibrachia and purslane. Just watch what they look like in a week.


Tangerine color..



 New one for me this year called Nemesia Sundrops mix. They are looking great and I understan they bloom until frost.

New one for me but a great plant that has been around for years. Blue Daze.. Hanging baskets, planters or in the ground.  

 Zinnias are beautiful. These get about a foot high and are called Dreamland.. Love them..

Celosia a great companion to Zinnias. These are very popular and a good seller for us.  

 I have the normal standard trailing Torenia in purple but this year I also wanted to try this new one of mixed colors.. So far I love it. and so do hummingbirds.

I've always wanted these for my greenhouses and this year I finally found them. They are Cordyline Red Sensations. They can reach up to 3 feet but I love them as my center to planters. They are alittle pricer than other things because plugs to get them are so expensive.. But they are worth it.  Ours are in 6 inch pots and we ask 8.00 where most places I've ever seen them they were 15.00.

I also have Persian Shield this year that gets about 18 inches and makes a great plant by itself or as the taller plant in the middle of a planter.. Love the colors. They are coming out nicely since I trimmed them back so they would grow to be full and not just one branch of a plant.. Kinda reminds me of coleus in how it grows.


 I also have the standard sweet potato plants of all colors but this is a new one I've just gotten this year. Most sweet potato plants get so big and can take over a planter or area of your yard etc. These are called compacta sweet potato and only grow to a length of about 2 feet and continue to stay filled out not long runners. I'm excited about these for planters and them being so controllable. Funny thing though I have the regular ones too that do actually grow sweet potatoes and come from Vietnam as a food crop there.. This lady came by just to buy the sweet potato plants to put in her garden as they love the taste of these better than our standard sweet potato.. So where we think of them as ornamental she wants them for her vegetable garden. I'm going to try one this year..

OK I'll get to shade house tomorrow and update you on a few things going on over there.  Just as awesome.. Loving it.


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Spring is getting started at Three Creek Farms

by Pat Hargett 20. January 2012 19:34

We are getting everything ready for spring opening and for those that don't know it

We Are Open to  the Public

This year we have our now famous ferns with many new types to get you started.

We have our great Boston Ferns and this year I have the Macho Ferns to go with them. These are the huge ferns I put in front yard during the summer.


First week of February we will be getting all our incredible new plants for spring with lots of new stuff to get you started.

I'll post pictures of those soon as we get them started.


A NEW adventure for us this spring will be a public potting bench where you

Bring your own pots to plant

Buy some incredible pots here to plant

We have the dirt and the space all ready for you to leave us the mess and go home with a great new combo planter

Of course we will have all the plants you need for either a full sun planter or shade planter

A new love of mine is succulents since they are beautiful in planters and take almost no care at all and love hot sun

I have plenty of succulents, shade and sun plants for your choosing and I'll help you know what grows well together so you get the right start 

 I'll have some planters already put together for those that like the instant gratification for your beautiful gardens

This would be a great outing for a mother and daughter or son for Mothers day to get exactly what she wants and done together makes it so special


This is an example planter I put together with ferns as the biggest feature. These are Fox Tail ferns our thriller, maidenhair and white rabbit feet ferns as the fillers and just stuck in a few sprigs of wandering jew for our spiller. Once these all fill out this will be a beautiful planter for a shady spot on your patio.

Now this is a hanging basket I planted as 3 different ferns for alittle variety in your hanging baskets. This one has Fox Tail fern, Asparrugus Fern, and white rabbit foot fern. I love combo baskets for a change from just regular hanging ferns.



Now this is a succulent planter I put together to show how awesome they can look right at the start and just wait until you see how beautiful it looks with 2 months of growth. Sorry guys this one isn't for sale since a dear friend gave me the pot for Christmas. This one gets to go to the house for the summer but I have all the plants to make you one just like it.


 Bougainvilleas we have this year are different types. Variegated leaves and blooms are orange, and pink. Love em...


 A picture of shade house in March growing well and will be ready to go first week of April. I ordered 100 more ferns this year since I didn't even get one of my own boston ferns last year.


 A new color of double impatiens this year.. Orange and white.. Love them. Unfortunately I didn't get many of them this time..

Ever hear of a goldfish plant.. That is what these are and the blooms really look like a goldfish.. They are suppose to grow in deep shade and make great house plants as well.


Check out these mixed color Lobelia that can take part sun or sun. I love the mixture of colors and I haven't had these before.. Lobelia yes but this year I have lots of new colors rather than just white.

Now these are Torenia trailing plants that make great hanging baskets, planters etc and handle sun and shade and continue to bloom. Hummingbirds actually come in the greenhouses every year to check these out and they go to each plant before they leave the greenhouse. Love them. I have some in other colors too but they haven't bloomed yet..


Now this is a planter I made up today March 6th out of old different size terra cotta pots. This one will be red, white and blue when you see it bloom. This is first day planted wait to you see how it grows.  Stacking the pots on top of each other turned out very well. Middle pot has red calibrachoa and dusty miller (fillers), bottom pot has blue wave petunias (spillers) and to top it all is a dracena Indivisa to be the thriller.


This picture was to show you mostly how the pots look stacked on each other. Now just watch what happens once it starts to bloom in next couple of weeks.  

This was a quick picture of the sun house to show you the beautiful bougainvilleas and how we have hundreds of pots of plants but I've pinched and pruned all of them so you don't see blooms yet but just wait in another 2 weeks of this sunshine this entire house will be nothing but blooms. This is to wet your appetite for spring.


OK that is enough for now.. I'll post again once they all show their blooms and getting ready for you to take home.


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Summer Vegetables are ready for picking and for sale

by Pat Hargett 17. July 2011 17:13

Oh my goodness we have been so blessed with having garden space we could irrigate for some great summer vegetables. We were so late starting our gardens and produce since the greenhouses had us so totally occupied. Well now we are getting your local vegetables in abundance when alot of other gardens are finishing for the spring. Turned out to be great timing.

Ready now for you to pick or we can pick all are for sale. These are vegetables only grown here so you know where they are growing with good dirt and no pesticides. We can provide only what is in season at the time but guaranteed to be great tasting.


Corn  Silver King  sweet and delicious. Come soon as it doesn't stay ready long.

Purple Hull peas

Green Beans old timey type and no strings but awesome taste

Cucumbers  Super sweet never bitter. These are a new type for us and they are fantastic and we have not had one bitter one even with all this heat.

Yellow squash

Butternut squash ready soon

Peppers of all types. Hot (all kinds), Bell (Green, Red, Purple, Yellow), Banana, and we even have some called Thia Hots that I don't touch since they are extremely hot but we've already had people getting them for certain dishes.

Butter beans (I sure hope you want to pick these yourselves as I don't like picking butter beans lolWink). But if necessary I can do it. You can pick a bushel and when they are shelled end up with a hand full. They are delicious though.

I know everybody is waiting on the tomatoes to get ripe well so am I.  The vines are loaded but they are still green just one or two turning red at a time. Soon I'll be begging all of you to please come get your tomatoes.

Stay tuned and I will update when tomatoes are ready for just eating or canning.


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OK Its been awhile and now you need to see some of what I've been up to

by Pat Hargett 8. June 2011 22:13

Well with two greenhouses and a few left over plants I've been busy getting my yard planted for summer. I'm still loving retirement especially since it doesn't seem to rain these days and I have some time to water to keep all of it alive. 


Thought I would give you a few pictures of my yard this year. I was about a month behind in getting it planted but I finally got there. 


Remember the areas on the hill that were covered with landscaping plants last year well since our ponds simply could not handle watering them everyday without rain we have now uncovered the ground and turned them into areas to grow produce. We have corn, tomatoes, peppers of all kinds, squash, cucumbers, and ornamental corn for summer and fall.  We have green beans, purple hull peas and butterbeans as well. This is our first year of trying to provide produce to sale and may be our last once I figure out that is even harder than having two huge greenhouses full of plants. But here we go.



Now we'll get started on some of the house with planters and ferns.


This year I have a whole collection of rare begonias that I'm taking care of for a friend. They love the humidity of the pond and life under the trees. So all the sides of the pond are covered for now.


Ever see a varagated elephant ear. This one is awesome and unique.


Now check out this Japanese painted fern I planted in a pot instead of ground and its growing like crazy.


Just simple pictures of potted ferns and other plants.


Here is my flame bougainvillea that I had to save 6 baskets to see if I can root them in order to even have any for sale next year. I was only able to have 10 baskets for sale this year and my grower has discontinued them. The 10 baskets sold first week of opening.I moved the last six to my yard rather than people seeing them and wanting them when I need them to see if I can root them for next year. Wish me luck. They are beautiful and so unique.


Here is the sidewalk to the front porch. I love Duranta plants since they show up so well. They are the lime colored plants and can take sun or shade. In the cement planters I planted hosta, begonias and some Lobelia. Where they are located is part sun and they are doing very well.


I planted a few tray planters to put on the edge of my porch. Originally I had planned to get window boxes for these huge windows but once spring started we did not have time to get them done so maybe next year.




Now here is my variegated fern that I had a small rooting last year and this year I was able to split it so I now have two. Here is a picture of it from a distance then one shot close up to show you the varigation in the leaves. Its awesome. 




OK that's enough for today. Hope your having a great spring and summer. We had a fantastic spring thanks to so many of you coming our way and checking out what we grow and then telling your friends.  Hope to see you soon for produce then again in the fall with pansies (double blooms) and viola's (unique colors) along with mums. Would you believe my viola's planted last November are still blooming and look great. I've now decided Viola's are my favorite fall plant. Watch the blog and facebook for when produce is ready and we're ready for sales on pansies and fall plants.


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