Mitch's latest in creating plant containers

by Pat Hargett 15. May 2011 05:35

Well he never ceases to amaze me with his imagination and creative ability. Yesterday he found an old cedar stump in the woods with a hollow center and brought it to the house and planted it with portulaca. It will be great since it loves the sun and doesn't need much water. Today as people stopped by it was the first thing they noticed. All of us would talk about just looking around where you live and think as you look what could I plant and I bet we would be amazed at the creations we could all come up with.

Check out his newest and best so far to me plant containers. Its caused a real buzz around here today and now people are going home and roaming the woods for them a good stump to plant. lol.


Now check out these planters as a good friend of ours brought us some martin gourds he had grown and let dry. We wanted the seed for us to plant some this year and Jeromy my son wanted the gourds to use as a planter. Check out the succulents he planted in the gourds which don't like much water so should help the container last longer. Jeromy is also so creative and plants most anything he can see potential in.


This one will even hang with its stem. See anything can be special planted as a planter.


Now I've been creative myself recently and finally have my back patio and front porch cleaned off and filled up with plants. So I'll add some pictures later from my own special talents later when I get some good pictures now that they are planted and quickly recovering from winter greenhouse stress.

This year I've had more people than ever bring me unique containers for me to plant for them so I'm becoming a real florist now. You need to come on down while we have some plants still here. They are quickly disappearing since spring has been so good to us this year with the recent rains making the flowers more beautiful than ever.

One big difference in our nursery and other nurseries is we never use any plant growth regulator so we have to deal with them getting big naturally and when you take them home they simply continue to grow. That is our niche. Did you know there are chemicals that you can put on plants to make them stay exactly one size so they don't over grow the pots they are in for easy handling. However that also means when you take them home they also stay the same size. We are known for our huge coleus and plants that grow all summer and remain just as nature intended. You need to come see for yourselves.

Here are a few samples of our coleus and they are only contained in size by a 4 inch pots and my pinching. Once you let them out of these pots and put in a bigger pot they jump and get even more awesome.





OK thats it for now but I'll be returning with some of my own soon as I get some pictures to share. Yall come see us now ya hear.... ha ha ha.


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Latest new ideas for planters

by Pat Hargett 8. May 2011 06:44


Well today was a great Saturday before Mothers Day and I want to thank all of you for all your word of mouth letting people know we exist and we have seen so many new faces we had the pleasure of meeting.

Now today we had a dear friend give us some Martin gourds he had grown and dried to use as some ideas for planters. Awesome idea and they turned out fantastic.

Here is a peek at Martin Gourd planters with succulents since they prefer dry conditions and we weren't sure of how much water a gourd could take in order to make it last.

Check this out.



Of course we kept the seeds for planting so we can try our hand at gourds. Hope to see you soon. We still have plenty of beautiful flowers for you to add to your beautiful garden or planters.

Oh yea remember the old boots planted with Purslane or Portulaca well Mitch wouldn't allow me to cut out the toes to put in a hen and bitty and was going to sell them however today decided he might better keep them in case he had to empty out the plant and wear them again. Unbelievable.. ha ha



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I just have to share some pictures of planters a dear friend sent me today

by Pat Hargett 2. May 2011 05:32

These pictures are courtesy of Robin a dear friend and weekly customer. She has incredible talent and a great eye for plants that do well together. She stops most Fridays on her way home and as you can see in the pictures uses her time well putting her planters together over the weekend. She makes our plants look so good.

Get ready for some awesome pictures. Now make sure you understand this is not in my yard as I have been so involved with the growing of all these pretty plants all my planters are still empty but I plan to change that after Mothers day. That is if we have much left after Mothers day. lol. 







Now this picture was sent by another good friend that fell in love with the non stop begonias and some bloomed just as this picture showed. Unfortunately there were only about 5 that color and believe me when they bloomed someone was there to take them home. I meant to get one for me but maybe next time. Thank you for the picture Melissa. I love this one best too.


OK I love getting pictures from all of you on how you put things together this year after you got home. Please share your pictures so we all can get ideas and delight in the outcome.

Thanks again Robin and Melissa for sharing with all of us.


Your Nursery

Container planters from almost anything

by Pat Hargett 1. May 2011 16:15

I just had to share a picture of an old antique copper pot found at a yardsale planted to give you an idea. My son gave me an old copper pot that had a hole in the bottom and I planted some corsican mint for a beautiful display. I started out with tables full of 4 inch pots of corsican mint but once I planted the pot they were all sold almost immediately. We are growing out some more so give us about a month and we'll have more ready to go home with you. It looks almost like moss and lives year round. Smells like mint when you mess with the leaves for a added bonus.



Now all you need to find is old worn out containers around your house or check out Olde Tyme Design in the heart of Marshville. Beth has some of the most unique containers with excellent prices that would work perfect. Then bring your containers to our nursery and we'll find the perfect plant to make them complete and even pot it up for you if you like. This is Olde Tyme Designs website where you can see some of the best junk anywhere around. Just 5 miles from our nursery.

 Had a few more pictures of Mitch's ideas for planters to add to this blog. So cool. Now you know what you can do with old worn out boots. Mitch planted these with portulaca for a sun display.  


 Now look at this idea with an old chicken feeder (sorry its not for sale) with 4 inch pots of million bells sitting in it. Of course the plants are for sale. lol. Again this was Mitch's creation.


Don't you think it would be a great idea to get something old and rusty, chippy, and holey that once belonged to your mom that you could bring with you this week to our nursery and we can pot it up for you with a great plant.

Mitch is still being creative so I'll update when I get a chance. Mothers day is this weekend so don't wait too long or what you want might just already be sold. Have a great week.


Your Nursery

A wonderful visit from some dear friends from Charlotte

by Pat Hargett 14. April 2011 04:54

Thanks to Nan for taking some great pictures of the girls day out and they all came to the nursery to shop for awhile. Nan even drove her truck and pulled a horse trailer to carry all their wonderful finds protected from the wind. I loved seeing the familiar faces as I have so missed the people at Duke and love when they can come and spend some time in the country. They made it worth their while with a trailer full of awesome plants.

Thanks Nan for sharing your pictures to complete the day. LOL by the time we thought about making a group picture it only one tray of plants was still out in front of the greenhouse and the rest had been securely placed in the trailer.



Melissa checking out the shade house.

Guess you wondered why I only posted one picture.. Well simply my laptop would not allow me to download them so I now have a new laptop so now I'll share the pictures of a great time by all of the Duke friends visit.

You know they mean business when they have Nan drive her horse trailer down just to carry all their flowers back to Charlotte. I think they might be going into business for themselves but I'm not sure lol. It was great to see everybody.


 Inside the Sun House.


OK I can't seem to get this one to stand up straight so you'll just have to look sideways. lol. Anybody know what I need to do to make it save upright? Last time I ask for help it totally worked..






OK can't get the pictures to stand up straight so just turn your laptop sideways to see them well. ha ha ha.. Thank you so much Nan for sending me the pictures but next time will you please stand up straight and not lay on your side to get the pictures... lol. 

Honestly it was a great day and did my heart good to see my buddies from Duke. Hope to make a trip to Charlotte soon to see so many more.  Have a wonderful Easter and may God Bless everyone of you.

Oh yea I ask Mitch for the day off today since it was raining and I needed to work in house for awhile.. Know what he said..Nope.. Its never rains in a greenhouse. Can you believe my new boss. Oh well we did get to call it early at 5 today so it was a great day.



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Let's get started on Spring continued as promised with more pictures

by Pat Hargett 26. March 2011 23:53

Ok we're getting some much needed rain today giving me a chance to share more pictures with you on what we have this year for your flower gardens and more.

I'll talk less this time and share more pictures since that is what you really need to know and see.

Let's start with a picture of both the shade house and sun house with the tables full of plants of lots of variety and colors.

Now this gives you an idea of the busting out at the seams of all the tables covered with your favorite coleus, impatients, begonias, hanging baskets, ferns and more. This is just part of the shade house since its so long but gives you a good idea. The big fern at the back is a macho fern in a hanging basket for a huge house in Monroe for a wedding.


Now for the Sun House also a partial view on this picture.



Now last weekend I put the letters on the sign since everyone was calling wanting to know if we were open. I put the letters on sign on Friday night and Saturday people came calling ready for some beautiful new plants. I gave them fair warning its early to plant so I hope they took my advice and have some pretty new plants but not in ground yet since I don't believe old man winter is all gone yet.


Ok let's start with some close ups of some new variety of plants we have this year. This one is called Oragami Mix and its a type of Columbine that is perennial and comes back every year. These come in all colors but seems Red like to bloom first. I've been waiting on these to bloom for a couple of weeks so people could see their beauty. Every time one blooms someone is there to take it home. In next couple of weeks they will all be blooming all over.


I have all types of new begonias this year and this one is called Non Stop begonias and bloom all summer all over a plant that gets about 10 inch around. They come is all colors from orange, yellow, reds and white. These make great house plants once summer gets gone as it just needs a little sunshine but not much.  I think I've decided this is my favorite one this year.


 Now these begonias are Angel Wings and this one is called My Special Angel and is awesome with the spots but it also blooms a pretty pink bloom.

 This one is Bright Red Angel Wing.

Ok these are your regular spider plants in 4 inch pots although we also have some growing as hanging baskets. I discovered something about these two years ago I have a retaining wall and had (3) 4 inch pots left over that I planted. They were beautiful and put out streamers of baby spider plants cascading over the retainer wall. Of course they died back in the winter and I thought thats what would happen. To my surprise the next spring they all came back up and were even more luscious than year before. So these are actually perennials that come back each year. I love these so much more than monkey grass because they are not evasive they stay very compact and don't get crowded like monkey grass.

Now next you'll see curly spider plants that are collectable since they are rare and grow much slower. These are a great conversation piece and we don't have many since I'm just now trying to get these started. These grow just like regular spider plants but I don't know that they would come back if you plant them in ground and leave them over the winter. Since they are harder to come by I'm not trying that out yet.

OK now let's just put in some pictures for you to see your spring coming. Starting with coleus that takes both sun or shade.





 Now a picture is worth a thousand words on how coleus can dress up a planter. Here is couple of examples.




OK time to give it up for today and I will soon upload some of the sun house plants. They are as awesome of the shade ones.  Keep checking back as I will be adding more and more to the website.


Your Nursery

Let's get started on Spring

by Pat Hargett 25. March 2011 05:19

OK folks I've finally got some beautiful pictures of our spring plants ready now (of course weather permitting) for you to take home. I really got carried away this year being retired and what I thought I could handle growing so I ordered twice the variety and volume we have ever attempted before. Our plants are more of the high quality and unique where I haven't seen them in other garden centers and it only takes a few since they become huge as the summer moves on.

OK to wet your appetite here are a few pictures for you to ponder what you might like in your garden or on your patio.

I've always loved Kong coleus so I tried them out this year and they are awesome. This one is called Kong Rose and gets huge (knee high and double hand size leaves). Very showy in planters or any garden.




 This one is called Kong Majesty and no two leaves are ever the same and these get as huge as Kong Rose.


 These are Jeromy's (my son) special trial perential ground cover called Corsicon Mint and it smells like Spearmint. These love shade and stay green year round. Work great too in rock gardens to fill in cracks. Not many to go around this first year so if you want any need to them soon.

OK these are beautiful Reiger Begonias that grow sooooo slow they might be ready next They bloom so beautiful but take forever to root to the bottom of the pot. Of course if your patient to wait on them to grow slowly they make great house plants for winter then these are ready for you. I don't like to sell plants until they root to the bottom of the pot so you know you have a good healthy plant. These were so awesome I just had to at least show you a picture of the blooms. They like shade to part sun and let them dry out between watering and they continue to bloom just like this year round if protected. Notice the Kong Majesty Coleus behind them.



I've put together many planters this week to help decorate for a wedding in a couple of weeks (no not any of my family like last year ha ha) so I'll show you a few pictures of them to just show how all the plants fit together and  will look great in the gardens to set the tone for a beautiful spring wedding. By using planters if we had a cold snap and possible frost then you bring them in and no harm done. The blooming plant is a double impatient that looks just like roses.




OK that's it for tonight but I'll share more tomorrow. We now have two huge greenhouses both packed full of beautiful just like these. Can't wait to share with you.



Your Nursery

Update to putting summer away for winter to come

by Pat Hargett 31. October 2010 06:24

Well I've got it all in the greenhouses now and it so sad to look in the yard and it seems to bare.. I made a few pics of when the yard was in its full glory then the after pictures of poor plants left to fend for themselves. Oh my goodness I have one small house completely packed with all my one of a kind plants (thats the pampered greenhouse). I have another 50 foot long house packed where you can't even walk except I know the path to get hoses to the back and front without too much knocking everything over.

Here was part of my yard before the threat of winter cold. This was on the back patio where we have the fish pond.



Now for that sad picture of today as its all put away. But now I head for Christmas since that is my next big occasion to really decorate and make the house so special.



Now this is a pictures of the big greenhouse where I am standing at the door to go in and this shows just how much stuff is in one greenhouse. A friend and fellow nursery guy came by the house the other day while I was still moving plants in to save them. He just shakes his head and says what a waste of gas which from a business point of view that is right but from a personal point of view I just can't let them die plus imagine just how much bigger it will all be next summer when its time to bring them out for spring and a new year. We only keep the greenhouse at 40 degrees anyway so I'm not growing them during winter just trying to keep them alive until spring arrives once again.


OK this is front of house all decked out with summer.


Now this is October when I had a few ferns still out but put the mums we used for Jeromy's wedding in front to fill in gaps.. lol.


Now the yard is completely bare but I did leave the boston ferns that are hanging on the front porch there since I have no where to put them and next spring we will have plenty of new ones that I need my pick for marketing purposes (thats mean goes to the house to attract would be nursery buyers) ha ha ha.

Ok that's about it for today since all is now put away and new projects begin. I'm now beginning to clean out alittle up stairs and Oh my its unbelievable I don't think I've thrown a box out that we have bought something in since we moved to this house. Right now I have upstairs in a total mess pulling everything out and its spreading to downstairs as I divide and conquer. So I'll see about some before pics but I'm so embarrassed at how bad it is upstairs I might not post them.. But give me time and maybe this will be another to do I can check off. Then I'll start asking for advice on how to put upstairs back together so when the kids all want to come and stay we have a nice cozy place for all of us in the same house. Just like DIY which by the way is becoming my favorite show. I'm just waiting on bathcrashers to come my way since I would love to redo our bath and utility room but no idea how to go about that one. See ADD again I just jumped from upstairs back downstairs lol. Guess I better go add to my to do list for another day. More to come later.


Your Nursery

Putting summer away for a winter nap

by Pat Hargett 24. October 2010 00:52

Well its that time of year where I have to finally give in and put my beautiful plants from the yard back in a greenhouse for safe keeping over the winter. This year I actually had time to do it slower and more organized so I can keep them watered and cared for. Here is a few pics of the greenhouses almost full and I still have a yard full to put inside somewhere.





OK now something different like one special plant I have is called a curly spider plant so here I can show you the curly one vs normal spider plant and its amazing. I hope to have some ready to sell next spring.


Regular type spider plant


Some begonia's I will try to proprogate by next spring but no promises. I'm always learning.




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